Harvesting From the Garden

This is the time when it all begins paying off: the seedbeds started as early as January, nursing the seedlings through the dark, cold months, worrying they won’t survive the transplanting (any many don’t), then worrying a frost will hit them in the early days of Spring, fighting early blight, praying it rains on time and battling the weeds…

My friends ask why I bother. Why, when I can buy fresh produce at the stores, or the market, or the farmers. I laugh and tell them it’s just a hobby like any other.

What I am, is in awe at the power of nature to create and recreate itself. How a humble-looking seed can replicate many times over, and in the process create an entire plant that lives and breathes and feeds many, can only be a miracle. That’s why I do it. It’s a privilege to be the hand that waters it.

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