Narrow Kitchen in Abandoned House

Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow kitchen in abandoned house.

narrow kitchen1

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10 Responses to Narrow Kitchen in Abandoned House

  1. Sue says:

    Those walls definitely house a few stories, don’t they? What an interesting space! Where was this house, if you don’t mind my asking.

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  2. beyond the fence says:

    It looks to the Russian kitchen.

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  3. ily fasie says:

    Close, geographically, and somewhat culturally — it’s in Romania.


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  5. beyond the fence says:

    😒In one apartment were several rooms for 3-4 families. Everyone uses one bathroom and one kitchen. It was a long time ago. What It is now? I do not know. The picture is nice!!!!

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  7. Very striking. Love the composition and the b&w. (The curtains and the dirty window sill make the pic for me.)

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  9. ily fasie says:

    Thanks, I also thought the curtains and window sill were key.


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